Ministry Tracks

We believe there is just as much to be learned outside the classroom as there is inside. That is why GSM provides its students with practical ministry experience through one of seven Ministry Tracks. Through this immersive program, students will have an arena to further develop their character, gifts and both personal and team leadership skills. Ministry Tracks are orchestrated to give GSM students measurable objectives for leadership develop, as they learn the ins and outs of running ministry effectively.

Students will accumulate over 300 hours of hands-on experience as they work side-by-side Grow Church’s staff and leadership team.

Grow Groups

Students in the Grow Group Track will develop their leadership within the context of Grow Church’s small group structure. Students will be equipped to foster authentic relationships where true discipleship can flourish and people can be pastored well. The Grow Group Track will teach students how to launch and maintain Grow Groups, create and restructure curriculum, upkeep administrative data, and much more.

Grow Kids

The Grow Kids Track is designed to teach students how to partner with the parents of the community by teaching the children of Grow Church how to receive God’s love, love people, do their best and have fun. Students in the Grow Kids Track will have the opportunity to transform tomorrow today by leading different aspects of Grow Kids services, create curriculum, organize parenting events and develop the love of Christ in the children of Grow Church.

Grow Students

The Grow Students exists to help all students, from middle school to college have an authentic, intentional and impactful relationship with Christ. The Grow Students Track is designed to teach GSM students how to cultivate the gifts and purposes of the rising generation, as we believe they are the future church. Students in the Grow Students Track will facilitate Grow Students events such as City Group, Breakaway Services, Grow Students Internship, Grow Students Mission Trips and more.

Grow Teams

The Grow Teams Track is designed to teach our students how to equip each person to fulfill their calling and serve to make an eternal impact. Students in the Grow Teams Track will serve as a leader of a Grow Team and learn organized leadership strategies, team management skills and administrative processes that play into the success of Grow Church’s Sunday services.

Grow Worship

Students in the Grow Worship Track will develop a heart devoted to worshiping God with all vulnerability, transparency and power. The Grow Worship Track is designed to teach students how to worship in a way that allows others to fix their eyes on Jesus, so they can see, hear and receive God’s glory. Students will learn basic music theory, how to build a setlist, audition processes, music technology and more.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Track exists to help students love both the lost and found with the unconditional love of Jesus. Students will learn how to restore the spirits, souls and bodies of others through helping organize and serve at outreach events, participate in hospital visits, facilitate counseling sessions, host water baptisms and more.

Sunday Production

Students in the Sunday Production Track will dedicate themselves to providing the guests of Grow Church with an experience that helps in their ability to receive and understand God’s Word, power and presence. They will learn how to create an inviting and excellent environment for people to know God by learning the ins and outs of ProPresenter, how to program lights, organizing an order of service, operating cameras and sound and much more.