Practical Ministry Training

Ministry Training Consist of Two Parts:
Ministry Training Teaching & Ministry Practicum

The teachings are to share with students the A-Z of what everyday ministry truly looks like. They are taught by church ministry staff and other experts in their respective fields. The required 72 hours of Ministry Practicum is the student’s opportunity to receive hands-on practical ministry training.

Practical Ministry Teaching

Learn from others who have gone before you

Personal Leadership

Ministry Theology

Ministry Disciplines

Team Leadership

Ministry Practices

Organizational Leadership

Ministry Structure

Applied Leadership

Ministry Area Tracks

In addition to the teaching and practicum, GSM offers an additional step for students who are looking for a full-immersion internship-like experience. Students who are accepted into this additional program, choose a ministry area track and are assigned a mentor who creates a personalized benchmark plan to walk the students through.


The Pastoral Track is designed to train students with a heart for leading and pastoring in fundamental areas of a local church and full-time ministry.

Student Ministry

The Student Track provides training for those that desire to be involved with Junior High, High School, and College aged students.

Kid's Ministry

The Kids Track will teach students how to create an environment where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus.

Worship & Tech

The Worship Track exists to help prepare musically gifted students to be spiritually and practically developed as a worship leader.