GSM Academics


Grow School of Ministry students will experience a 16 Culture Course curriculum designed to expand each student’s comprehension of God’s word, their identity in Christ and the fundamentals of biblical leadership. Upon completion students will receive a Certificate of Ministerial Leadership.


Leadership workshops are held each Monday before class and are taught by members of Grow Church’s staff and leadership team. These workshops develop students’ understanding of biblical leadership, while providing tools and resources the students need to lead with confidence in any arena. They also give students insight into some of the broader functions of the daily operations of ministry.


Ministry Concentrations give students the opportunity to choose a specific area of ministry to focus on. They are orchestrated to give GSM students measurable objectives for leadership development as they learn all the ins and outs of running ministry effectively. Students will accumulate over 300 hours of hands-on experience as they work side-by-side Grow Church’s staff and leadership team. They will also develop their ability to lead from the front, build a team and effectively communicate. There are 7 Concentrations to choose from: Teams, Groups, Students (Middle & High School), Kids (Pre-K-Elementary), Production, Worship, Pastoral Care.

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6pm – 7:30pm | Workshop
7:30pm – 9pm | Culture Course


7am – 2pm | Serving Hours
(Subject to change based on service times)