What We Are

Grow School of Ministry believes the power of Jesus Christ will be experienced in our city, nation and globe not at the hands of a single church, pastor, or ministry, but by the efforts of every believer working together in order to spread God’s love into the community.

Core Values


Before anything, we are God’s chosen people, made to be righteous and holy. We believe the more our students know who they are in Christ, the more they will understand the purpose God placed on their lives.


We are meant to lead our lives, not be led by them. GSM is devoted to creating opportunities for our students to walk in the spiritual, emotional, relational and financial freedom they’ve been given through Christ.

Holy Spirit

His presence is everything. We believe no matter how much we learn or how skilled we are it’s not worth it, if God doesn’t show up. We long for everyone to walk in the fruit and power of the Spirit.

Biblical Knowledge

To know God’s Word is to know God, Himself. GSM’s curriculum is designed to examine and survey the Scriptures with the main goal of revealing God’s heart, character, nature and promises.


GSM believes every decision we make, converstaion we engage in and reaction we have is an opportunity to reveal Jesus to the world. GSM provides its students with opportunities to strengthen and maintain their character to become more like Christ


When we help others find their purpose, we find our own. GSM fosters every opportunity for our students to see and develop the potential of those they are surrounded by.


We honor God and others when we are intentional to give our best. We know excellence is not an accident.