Who We Are

Grow School of Ministry is a two year training program focused on ministry leadership. Additionally, GSM has partnered with Southeastern University to offer students affordable degree programs.

Our Focus

GSM exists to equip students with the knowledge, tools, and experience needed to successfully expand God’s Kingdom. Our focus is to motivate students to be the leader God has called them to be in their personal life and in the world around them. We do this by focusing on three areas:

  1. Head – students will grow in knowledge, interpretation, and integration of Scripture and Theology.
  2. Hands – students are equipped with real, practical hands-on experience in ministry.
  3. Heart – students are equipped to pursue their God given goals and passions, while also developing Christ-like character.

Tuition Cost

  • Ministry Training Fee: $1000 per Semester.
  • SEU Program – Including Ministry Training: Tell me more (ministry training fee waived)

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